Thursday, July 31, 2008

Kool 94.5

This past weekend my parents invited the entire family (me and my 5 siblings) to join them at the Radisson Fort McDowell Hotel. The local radio station that they listen to (Kool 94.5) puts on a "summer splash" weekend every year and they have enjoyed it in the past. So we kind of had a mini family reunion. There were a total of 10 grand-kids (all 7 years and younger) and they just had a blast with one another.

At the pool there was a karaoke stand and people (adults) were singing songs all day long. At about 4 in the afternoon Ryan came up to me and asked if anyone could sing. I told him yes and asked him what he wanted to sing--"Twinkle Twinkle" was his answer.

He was soooo cute! You can hear me in the background trying to guide him a bit...I was trying sooo hard not to cry (high-pitched, squeeky voice of mine).

Anyway, all in all it was a fun weekend we all had. It was nice to visit with family who we don't get to see much.

Saturday, July 5, 2008

4th of July Weekend...

Our fouth of July weekend was very eventful. For us it it actually started on Thurday. Eddie took Thursday off from work and his mom flew in at about midnight the night before. We had to be at St. Josephs hospital by 6:30am for Jacob's surgery. He had a cyst on the back of his ear removed. It was actually surgery # 2 for the same thing...he first had one removed last February (2007), but it decided to grow back--not fun! Here's a short video clip of the original cyst.

And here is a picture of it (as he plays the Wii) today...not very clear, but it was the best image I could get. It has 3 stitches to be removed on Wednesday.

And to continue our eventful weekend both Kaylee and Ryan came down with some sort of stomache bug, so I was washing clothes and sheets full of throw up all weekend long, not to mention the numerous baths they each got.

But it wasn't all bad...we were able to go watch some fireworks. We just went behind the business buildings in Tolleson and had front row seats to the show...the fireworks were literally being shot from the parking lot we we sitting next to.

And on Saturday we spent the afternoon up at my brothers house in Estrella Mountain Ranch. The kids had so much fun swimming in his pool and eating the yummy food. It's always fun to see grandparents; both grandmothers and their grandpa was there.

Here's Kaylee with her Aunt Leah