Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Where's Kaylee?

Okay...so, I'm sure my lovely daughter Kaylee looks cute and innocent to most. And in very short instances I, too, get fooled of that. It's obvious that this "precious" little girl was sent down to me, hidden within a mask...perhaps that I might spare her into adulthood.

Honestly, when I see this little "princess", most often all I see is.....

(Keep scrolling)

You think I'm kidding, don't you? I am sooooo not kidding. Infact, I wish I were. She is a nut!!!!

This girl has no fear within her. She is refered to, in our home, as "the monster". The tension builds around our home from the moment we hear her wake in the morning. I swear, her mission, in life, is to figure out what next she can do to tick me off. I know it. I am absoluetly positive that it is what she lives for.

Last night she gave Eddie and I our first heart-attacks (many more to come from her, I'm sure). We had just finished our FHE where we read a story about Emergency preparedness. The boys were excited about creating an "Emergency Bag" of their own. So, due to the fact that I had some returns to take back to Target, we thought it'd be a good idea to take the family along for the ride, and allow the kids to pick out a few item to start their own Emergency kits.

We walked through the enterence and I went straight to cutomer service, and Eddie followed; The boys and Kaylee went over to the dollar section (right across from customer service) as they always do...or so we thought. As I was doing the returns Eddie said he was going to check on the kids. Kaylee was GONE! I wasn't in a huge panic yet, I mean, this was Kaylee we are talking about, she does this kind of thing ALL THE TIME. Well, after the calling of her name got NO response my heart began to race. I called into all the bathrooms, and searched all surrounding areas. NOTHING. I rushed back to customer service; the panic had set in. I told the employee that my daughter was missing. She asked what she was wearing and how old she was. When I said she was 2, she responded, "oh, she can't be too far then", but immediatly phoned in a "code yellow". EVERY SINGLE EMPLOYEE was in a frantic search for her. Eddie, Jacob and I all split up to find her as well. I get half way through the store and had just about convinced myself that she was NOT in the store when an employee chased me to tell me Kaylee was found in the seasonal department and they were bringing her to me. For those of you who dont know how the store is set up, seasonal is on the complete opposite end of the store, the furtherest possible point, in the store, that Kaylee could have gone to. It took her all of 2 minute to get there. And what was she doing? Casually setting down some kids' chairs she found on some selves and was trying them each out. NOPE...she couldn't care less that we were not there with her. Well, I guess if we were trying to pick something good out of this, this boys got a glimpse of what an "emergency" was.

Yeah...so needless to say, she is no longer allowed outside the shopping cart in ANY store.

But this is so typical of her. This is anything BUT an isolated insident. The other battle I have with her is feeding Lyssi. She knows she is not allowed to feed the baby, and last week I found her sticking a WHOLE slice of pizza in Alyssas' mouth. Before this I have found her feeding Alyssa fruit snacks, pretzel, etc. It totally freaks me out! I am so scared that we will end up in the ER due to her chocking.

And the mind games...those are the WORST. Anyone who knows me well, knows I can't STAND mind games. My brother, Michael, is the "mind game" master, and drove me crazy growing up!!!! I'm starting to believe he's been holding secret classes with Kaylee, and teaching her all the "tricks". If there's anything that'll put me in the coo-coo house, this is it! She refuses to potty train, because it's what WE want. She throws temper-tantrums, every Sunday, on her way to nursery, but LOVES class. Everything I say, she does the opposite. She calls daddy "Eddie" just because she's not supposed to. UGGGGGG!!!!! What was I thinking? I thought girls were supposed to be mellow. She is by far my hardest child. I sooo need a break.

Anyone looking for an "Angelic Princess"? For Sale: FREE!!!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Jacob's teeth- Part TWO

Well, after Jacob's failed attempt to move his top tooth forward we took him back to get re-evaluated by his pediatric dentist. First, I must say that this dental office is awesome (West Valley Pediatric Dentistry)!!! Anyhow, the dentist took another look and told us that not only is the tooth not going to move on it's own, but it'll actually get worse, because he has much crowding in his mouth. We were referred over to the pediatric Orthodontist, which happens to be 3 doors down from the dentist.
We walked over to the ortho to make an appointment for a consult, turns out they had openings all morning, so we were seen right then and there (nice!!! saved us a trip). Well, Jacob's tooth is what they call a "cross-bite", meaning it is BEHIND his lower teeth. The problem with this is, that (cross-bit) tooth constantly hits against his lower teeth, which will mess them up. Actually, the ortho pointed out a chip that was already in one of Jacobs permanent teeth, caused by this issue. So anyhow, to make a long story short, he needs a retainer, like NOW. That tooth needs to be pulled forward to prevent further damage to his other teeth. The retainer will not make his teeth "straight", but it will pull the tooth, in question, forward. Later on, when he has most/all of his adult teeth braces will be the topic of discussion.
Well, at this point insurance covers SQUAT. CRAP!!!! I did call them, and they said to have the ortho-office send in a pre-auth stating this is a "medically necessary" procedure and they will consider covering the costs. Ugh, not getting my hopes up, but it's worth a try, right?!
Perhaps I should start a Jacob-Dental-Fund or something, lol! Looks like this kids is about to get real expensive.