Thursday, May 29, 2008

I did it!!!

Wooo-hooo! I passed the NET (Nurse Entrance Test) test this morning! You have NOOOO idea what a relief that is. On Monday I will be turning in my application for the RN program. There is about a 2 year wait, but it works out well for me since I have this baby coming this fall. I am so excited about the nursing program, and the reality of it is starting to sink in, yeah!!!

Our Family

Eddie and I met back in 1999 via the internet. We are both from Northern California and met shortly after "finding" each other online. We were engaged 3 months later and married 3.5 months after that. Since then a lot has changed in our family. We moved from the expensive, impossible-to-live-in California (where we started our first 9 months of marriage living with Eddie's mom) to coming to Arizona with nothing to our name. We got our own apartment within a month of moving here and 6 months later we moved into our first home. So though the heat SUCKS, Arizona has definently been a blessing to our family.

We have 3 kids; Jacob, Ryan and Kaylee. Each one is such a blessing, yet posses such challenging personalities. Jacob is 7 1/2 and just finished 2nd grade. He is an amazing student and remained on the Principals honor roll all year even though he's amoung the youngest in his class (according to his birthday he should be a year behind in school). He loves to eat well, and is very concerned about his health. He is my fruit and veggie nut. In his spare time he loves playing on his PSP and with his Aunt on her Wii.

Ryan just turned 4 and is not much smaller than his brother. People always think he's older than he is because he's such a BIG kid (not fat, just thick and tall). He's extremely stubborn and lives on junk food. But he does have the sweetest heart on him. He loves to give me complements and tells me he loves me ALL the time. He's very protective of his sister and makes sure we never "forget" her. He's a good kid.

Kaylee. Wow. No one ever told me that little girls are so hard this young. She is 21 months old and keeps us going. She climbs EVERYTHING and is into everything as well. She has one determined head on her shoulders and she doesn't take "no" for an answer. Her smile keeps her safe, lol. She is VERY smart; her intellegence blows me away. She speaks better then my boys ever did. She counts and sings her ABC's and communicates like no other kid her age. But those smarts are a little too much for her good... along with all her other "stubborn-ness" she won't let me do her hair...and when I force a pony-tail, she's quick to pull it out. So yeah, she's a tough-y.

Oh, and one last thing. We are expecting our 4th child September 10. I am 25 weeks pregnant (5 1/2 months) and looking forward for the arrival of another beautiful baby girl. We are excited!