Sunday, June 29, 2008

My Tomboy

I desperately wanted a girl, partly because I was tired of seeing the same old boy stuff...I got me a girl but that makes no difference. Kaylee's LOVES to take her pajama's off and she helps herself to some of her brother's PJs, dresses herself, and calls it a night. Here she is tonight...I'm not sure if she just likes their PJs or she's trying to be like them. Either way, I can't get her to keep her own cute little jammies on :(

Ahhhh, a SCORPIAN!!!

So sorry, but I have no pics to post of the lovely little critter that was discovered in our kitchen yesterday morning...after living in AZ for 7.5 years and NEVER once finding any scorpians in any of our 3 residences we became quite comfortable. That all changed yesterday!!! Eddie and the boys went on a scorpian hunt last night with a black light....they searched EVERY possible space in our home and (thankfully) did not come across any others...however, their search continued in our front and back yards. They found a bigger one underneath the stand of our basketball hoop (in the backyard) and 2 more were found inside our water meter in the front. UGGGGG!!! I now hate it here. I kept waking up through out the night last night thinking I felt something crawling on my legs, thankfully it was all in my head. I hope those are the last scorpians we find, but I'm not holing my breath.