Sunday, March 29, 2009

Potty Troubles

What is it with my daughter? She is just determined to find new ways to tick me off. She does not ever stop. The latest power-struggle is the potty. She is 100% potty trained--that is, when we are NOT at home. When we are at home, she pee's (or poops) on herself almost 100% of the time. I just don't get it; I am seriously at a loss.

I decided to potty train her 2.5 weeks ago after she "dirtied" her diaper right after I changed her and was loading her in the van. I was frusterated and told her we were DONE with diapers...and that night was the beginning. She's done really well. I can take her out, all day long, to the park, church, a friends house, McDonalds, ANYWHERE and she will stop, whatever it is that she's doing, and tell me she needs to go potty. She wear's her underwear without a problem...but at home it's a whole 'nother story. I can remind her to go potty all day long, but she just pee's in her pants. To tell you the truth, I am tired of cleaning up pee!!!

It just seems backwards to put her in undies when we go out and then when we get home to place her into a pull-up. I have yet to do that...but I am getting tempted. :(



Wow, that is strange! Usually it's the opposite! Hey she is still ahead of Sydni. We will be starting to potty train Sydni in a few weeks after we go on a trip. Oh what fun. Hope it gets better!!

debra g said...

To potty train my girls I used maxi pads. I told them they were diaper liners. If they had an accident it would still make them feel uncomfortable but it wouldn't run all over the place. It would also protect their underwear from "skid marks". For a long time afterwards if we were in the feminine aisle at the store they would say "Look at all the diaper liners!"
Good luck. Zane yells "No!!!" if we even mention the "p" word (potty).

Alayna said...

Isn't potty training SO much fun?!
Ady is FINALLY at the point where she almost seems to care that she has an accident. Instead of just saying "I pooped in my panties" like it's no big deal, she's started going into the bathroom to try to clean it up herself. Not such a great idea, but at least she knows that something needs done.
I hope things get better for you soon! Good luck!

Krystal said...

haha wow yeah tough one. carmen does the same thing. i think hers is related to the eating thing. she, like my other kids, would so much rather play than eat or use the bathroom. I have to tell her many many times to go and sometimes she doesnt. if i dont remember to remind her she will pee her pants. now if i tell her to go and she doesnt i threaten to throw her in the shower because she always pees in there. she doesnt like angry showers because they last like 2 minutes and i take my sweet time getting her dressed while she stands around cold in a towell! im SO mean! but shes way better at using the bathroom at home now :D good luck

Sarah & Eddie said...

We finnally have it mastered!!! Thank goodness!